The CHAOS Cure

Helping moms to juggle it all!

Why The CHAOS Cure?

Being a mom is HARD. There’s no avoiding the chaos that comes along with parenting. There are many demands on your time and attention, and it can be hard to juggle it all well and not feel overwhelmed.

Over just six weeks, we will share with you all you need to know to not only juggle it all well, but manage and navigate the chaos and enjoy your life more than you probably have been up until now. Instead of running around stressed, angry and reactive to your kids, this course will help you to become the parent you have always dreamed of being and one you will be proud to be.



The CHAOS Cure will help you:

Sleep better

Get more organized

Understand your child’s behavior

Set better boundaries

Manage stress

Reduce your overwhelm

Shout less

Eliminate punishments, bribes and rewards

Deal with fear, judgment, guilt and shame

Raise more capable, cooperative, motivated, resilient, respectful kids

Find more balance

Have more fun!

What to expect in The CHAOS Cure

Wondering if this course is right for you? Listen up to find out!

Imagine going through life as a parent never realizing that there is a better way.

Imagine being able to manage the chaos and how it would change the relationship you have with your kids.

Just imagine how it would feel to…

Not need to yell to be heard

Feel respected by those around you

Know that when you are triggered you don’t take it out on your kids

Have kids who listen to you

Avoid all the unnecessary struggles

Have kids who are respectful, resilient, responsible and reliable.

Have kids who are confident, capable, courageous and kind

Use effective consequences rather than use punishment, bribes and rewards

Not argue and negotiate with your kids but collaborate with compassion

Set effective boundaries that will help your child develop the core life skills you know they need

Have a more balanced and manageable life

Have more fun!

Be the mom your kids deserve

Be proud of yourself!

This course came at exactly the time I needed it! I was running around like a crazy woman, stressed and frustrated with my kids. I was thinking it was all my kids’ fault, but after this course, I realized I was the one who was struggling to keep up on the hamster wheel! As a result of this course, I made some changes in my home and in my family, and the results are incredible! I feel less stressed, less crazed and I am not yelling at my kids all the time.

Thank you, Erin and Louise!

– Sharon, Mom