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Are you stressed in your parenting?

Is your child experiencing anxiety in this pandemic?

Are you parenting a rainbow baby?

I coach parents, teens and college students who are struggling with anxiety, stress and uncertainty. There IS a better way. I can help you find it. 

Why does your child act that way?

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    Welcome to Erin Taylor Coaching

    When it comes to parenting, you’ve read all of the books, listened to all of the videos, taken all of the courses. Despite this, as a parent, it’s still hard to navigate your way to a more content, peaceful, and happy life with your children. Not only are children our greatest and most precious gift, they are our future. As a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, caring mother, and small business owner, I know how difficult it can be to be a good parent and forge a deep relationship with your children. I can help you give your children the priceless gift of being the best parent you can be and that they deserve. Through a variety of parent coaching services, I will help you dial in your parenting, your career, health, relationships, time management, spirituality, and more. You will be amazed at the transformation that happens in your family, and the joy that parenting really can bring you. Check out my books Connection & Kindness and Parenting your Anxious Child, or schedule a free consultation today!


    Or if you have a passion for working with families and want to make a living doing work that you love, but are not quite sure how, contact me. Through Coaching for Coaches and my professional community called the Revolutionizing Life Tribe, I work with coaches to make a bigger impact in the world.

    About Erin Taylor

    I am an entrepreneur, wife, and mom to four children. After dealing with the tragic death of a child and the stress of running multiple projects alongside parenting young children, I began searching for a way to become a better parent.

    That’s when I discovered my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Shefali, and my life changed. She taught me how to connect more deeply with myself and my children — how to clear out my own baggage, to see them for exactly who they are and meet them exactly where they are. With her help, I realized that it was not my kids who needed any fixing — it was me. Once I changed myself (the only person I can change) the “parenting stuff” fell right into place.

    Now, my children and family are thriving, and as a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and educator, I am passionate about helping other parents achieve their parenting and mothering goals through balance, self-care, and just the right level of support and guidance. I am also passionate about helping other coaches who work with families to help them make a bigger impact in the world. Check out my books, blogs, and podcasts to learn more, or contact me today for a free consultation!