Connection & Kindness: Parenting Help from One Mother to Another

Regardless of how many parenting books you have read, videos you have watched, or courses you have taken on child behavior and parenting, it is still hard to navigate your way to a more content, peaceful, and happy life as a parent. Let’s face it – you can google just about anything. But there is SO much information out there, and sifting through all the conflicting advice, formulas and techniques can be more stressful than the challenge you are currently facing! Figuring this stuff out all alone can be nearly impossible. Through my parent coaching services, my goal is to help you cut through the noise and clutter so that you can get in touch with your inner compass and children.

Our children are our greatest and most precious gift. They are our future. Let me help you give your children the priceless gift of being the best parent you can be — and the parent they deserve. I will help you dial in your parenting, career, health, relationships, time management, spirituality, and more. You will be amazed at the transformation that happens in your family, and the joy that parenting really can bring you. Check out the many resources on my site, including my book, Connection & Kindness, blogspodcasts, and more, or contact me today for a free parent coach consultation to find out how I can help you to achieve the life you’ve been dreaming of and children deserve.


Helping Parents with Discipline, Anxiety, & Self-Care

Are constant struggles with your child pushing you to the breaking point? Do you have a hard time setting expectations and boundaries with your child, or do you find yourself yelling and disciplining out of fear and anger instead of love, empathy, and understanding? At times, we all need someone in our corner to help us navigate the complexities of being a parent — someone to remind us to practice self-care, understand child behavior, and identify what triggers us to react in emotionally harmful ways. As a former family therapist, current PCI Certified Parent Coach®, and educator who also struggled with these common parenting issues, as well as other challenges such as the death of my oldest daughter as a baby, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. I started parent coaching to help other parents become the mother or father that their child deserves and that we know you truly are. Contact me today for a free consultation, check out my book, or get free online parenting resources.


What Are the Benefits of Going Through the Parent Coaching Process?

  • Get parenting success strategies to parent effectively
  • Understand why your child behaves a certain way
  • Discover your emotional triggers and how to parent with kindness
  • Learn how to parent in the age of social media
  • Get expert advice from a trained therapist and PCI Certified Parent Coach®
  • Receive customized support and parent coaching sessions

Navigating the Complexity of Being a Parent

Did you ever find yourself wondering why your child was not sent home with a parenting manual for you at birth? Navigating the mysteriously complex maze called parenthood can be tough. It is crazy to think about all you have to go through just to get a driver’s license, a job, or a home. Yet, there are no requirements to prepare you to bring a child into this world. I don’t know about you, but before I had kids, I thought that parenting would come naturally — that I would have it down, no problem. Um … not exactly!

In today’s technologically advanced world, we can Google just about anything, including effective parenting strategies. The problem with this, however, is that when you begin researching (as you may have already discovered) you quickly find lots of conflicting advice, prescriptive “formulas,” and parenting techniques that are supposed to “cure” the current challenges that you are having with your child.

But how do you know which technique to try, or what advice to listen to? How are you supposed to do all of this while you are in an urgent struggle with your child and need parenting help now? The simple answer is, it’s nearly impossible to do this. That’s why working with a coach is such a powerful step to take to address the challenges in your family.

As a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and educator with years of experience working with parents and their foster, adopted, and biological children, I’d love to help you. I take a unique approach to parent coaching that understands that it is a dynamic, collaborative process between the parent and the coach.

The parent coaching program I have designed helps parents to begin to understand themselves and their relationship with their children on a much deeper, clearer level. By leveraging conscious parenting and kindness principles, I help parents end battles that we often have with our children around such things as homework, bedtime, chores, screen time, and other power struggles and challenging situations. My parent coaching process will help you learn more about kindness and discipline. It will dial in your parenting, health, career, relationships, time management, and more to reduce your stress.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you find balance, peace, joy, and satisfaction in your role as a parent. My unique parenting tips and strategies can help you to support your toddler through their tantrums without having a tantrum yourself, to relate better to your teen and with more joy, and to help your anxious child feel comfortable and confident, no matter their age.

During our sessions together, we will dig deep into the parent coaching elements here in a customized order that makes sense for you and your situation to help you connect deeper and get along better with your child — creating a more harmonious home and family.

There are also times when I work with the children as well. Bringing in my experience as a family therapist, sometimes it is helpful to work with the child alone or the child and the parent(s) together. All of these options are available, based on what is best for each individual family.


Parent coaching for individuals or couples includes:

  • Weekly 60-minute sessions
  • Additional resources shared as needed
  • Unlimited email access

If you have read this far, you must be ready to end the battles and power struggles between you and your child as well as threatening, punishing, and yelling. You must be ready to feel peace and calm in your home rather than feeling stressed, miserable, and hopeless.

I invite you to schedule a free, 30-minute phone consultation. I will answer any questions you have about my parent coaching process, or how it can work for you and your family. You can check out my book on connecting with your children with kindness, and my podcasts and blogs on parenting teens, understanding child behavior and anxiety, and more!


Helping Parents Connect with Their Children

Parenting Anxious Children

Anxiety is a monster. For children, anxiety can be crippling and chronic — manifesting in physical, mental, and emotional pain. For parents, it is difficult to watch your child suffer and manage their anxiety, while trying to understand why and how it happens. Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting around 18% of the population and 25% of all children ages 13 to 18.

It’s common for children and parents to worry, but when we carry our worries around with us it can weigh us down and impair our judgment, as well as hinder our ability to see and feel joy in life. Children who suffer from anxiety issues are more likely to go to the doctor, develop serious psychiatric disorders, and perform poorly in school.

Parenting children with anxiety is tough, but a good way to start is by understanding root causes and working from there. There are many reasons anxiety occurs in children and adolescents — from lack of social interaction and meaningful community and relationships to lack of sleep and lack of control over one’s life, as well as your child’s perceived definition of success. There are many ways to parent anxious children and understand where anxiety is coming from, and when you sign up for parent coaching with me, we can work through it together. There are many good parenting tips and tricks to dealing with and understanding children with anxiety, and as a certified parent coach, I can help you today. Schedule a free consultation, or check out my podcast, or my book to learn more about anxiety.

How To Discipline Your Child

How should we discipline our children? What is the most effective way to discipline? How can we just get our children to listen to what we say? The word discipline has developed a negative connotation over the years. Are we punishing bad behavior, trying to control the way our children behave, or teaching them how to act, or are we doing all of the above? These are important initial questions to ask when you begin to think about how we discipline, and it’s important to ask these questions because disciplining children poorly can create long-lasting effects on kids. When we discipline without thinking — getting angry and yelling at our children — we push them further away from us. Instead, we need to learn to discipline and teach out of love, and through creative, natural means.

As a parent coach, I help parents understand what their goals are when they discipline their children, as well as what behaviors trigger parents to discipline by yelling, such as feeling stressed, judged, or tired. We will also go through parent discipline content that you can find on my free parenting resources page, but in a personalized, one-on-one series of sessions that will help you better identify different reasons behind your child’s behavior and how to use natural consequences and positive reinforcement to discipline your child. To learn more, contact me for a free 30-minute meeting, or check out my blog posts on parenting and disciplining children.


Conscious Parenting Through Communication & Connection

Conscious parenting is about going to the core of an issue, understanding the root causes, and recognizing patterns in your own behavior as well as your child’s in order to effectively respond and become the parent your child deserves. That is why communication and connection are key elements that I always cover when working with parents.

Connecting with your teen or young child often means listening and recognizing certain behaviors that you may be producing due to fear that is actually driving your actions. The secret to ending a power struggle between a parent and a child often boils down to relieving the stress and fear that drives certain types of parenting and causes those struggles in the first place. Once we reduce or eliminate those fears, anxieties, and stresses in ourselves and our children, we can communicate more effectively. As a PCI-certified parent coach, I have seen this happen many times. The transformational power of conscious parenting can come when, for example, we realize that demanding respect from a child isn’t necessarily an effective means of communication.

Communication can be tough, especially for working parents or parents who travel often. When you sign up for my parent coaching sessions, we cover connectioncommunication, and other aspects of conscious parenting that I cover in my parenting bookblog, and podcast.

Schedule a free consultation with me today!

Mindfulness & Self-Care for Effective Parenting

Being a better parent means being a better you. It’s important to invest in yourself — take a vacation, sign up for a yoga class, get a massage, or go to a new job interview or conference. Learning and practicing mindfulness and self-care are critical to coping with, and overcoming, all that life throws at you, and they’re also foundational elements that I help parents with as we go through the parent coaching process.

Why are mindfulness and self-care so important? A mindful state encourages us to be grateful and self aware, which can lead to recognizing patterns and discovering insights about our relationships that we wouldn’t normally see. Learning mindfulness and teaching mindfulness to our children helps us recognize how the outside world affects our mood, but it also helps us realize that by finding meaning in our experiences, we can find clues to how we can become a better parent. Practicing mindfulness and self-care is a great way to center yourself and relieve stress that can build up throughout the week or month.

When you go through the parent coaching process with me, one of the most important modules we cover will focus on tips and exercises focused on finding your center, taking care of yourself, and practicing mindfulness, which will improve your emotional and mental wellbeing and lead to more positive parenting results. Book a free, 30-minute meeting with me today to learn more, or check out my booksblog, and podcast.


“When I began working with Erin, I was so stressed. Things were not going well in my family and I felt hopeless, like the vision I had for my family would never come true. But with time and Erin’s coaching, my family is now thriving, and I am becoming the parent I always wanted to be but didn’t know how.”

– Brenda G.

“Wow is all I can say! I have two beautiful girls and I used to be so stressed as a mom. I did not even enjoy parenting and felt guilty about that fact every single day. My triggers were so many that I wanted Erin on speed dial! Erin helped me to get to the root of my triggers so that I could keep them out of my interactions with my girls, and she helped me to see them, really see them as the amazing individuals they both are. Now, our days are as pleasant as our interactions and I have Erin to thank for that.”

– Hannah P.

“Erin has such a calm, peaceful demeanor. She put me at ease with every session we had together. I began to look forward to my weekly calls with her, not only because of all the wisdom she offered me, but because I felt better just talking to her.”

– Kari T.

“I went through the parent coaching process with Erin, and I appreciated her willingness to listen and focus on what was important to me. She was helpful in bringing my attention (in subtle ways, while also allowing me to discover on my own) what I really needed to know about myself in order to progress toward what I thought was important. Erin helped me to make small changes in my daily habits which improved my relationships with my family members. Erin asked the right questions, which in turn resulted in important realizations: recognizing what my priorities are as well as helping me to identify patterns and underlying causes that then spurred me to set goals for myself.

There is an enormous gap between knowing and doing. Coaching is the key to bridging that gap. I had experienced much frustration with finding a way to help myself change what I knew needed to be changed. Coaching was the catalyst, and Erin was the change agent for me.”

– Kristie C.

“Erin helped me create a calmer, more respectful home. She coached me to focus on the positive, which has improved our family relationships. I enjoyed planning with Erin how I was going to tackle the various issues that arose. I became more proactive as opposed to reactive and confrontational. Erin helped me feel capable, she encouraged me and helped me to feel like a good mom.”

– Donna M.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Parent Coaching Process:

Things are really stressful in my home now. When can we get started?

After our initial phone consultation, we can schedule our first session at the first available time slot that works with your schedule.

What if I have to cancel a session?

Just give me 24 hours notice and we can easily reschedule.

Do we have regularly set times each week for our sessions?

Some of my clients prefer set times each week, and some prefer varying times. We can work with your unique schedule and needs.

How can I pay for my sessions?

I accept Paypal, Venmo and credit card payments.

Would sessions involve my spouse or just me?

I am delighted when I get to work with both parents, but often I work only with the parent who contacts me.

What if I feel like I need more sessions after the initial four?

During the 4th session, we can discuss if it would be beneficial for you to continue with additional sessions, at which point you can pay for another four sessions or go session-by-session, whichever is most appropriate to your situation.

What if I don’t need 4 sessions?

It has been my experience that it takes at least four sessions in order to create the deepest and most lasting transformation in your home. When we are finished working together, I want you to not only feel fully confident in your parenting, but to also have already begun experiencing the transformation in your home and with your child.

I‘m ready to begin! What do I need to do?

Simply click here to book your free, 30-minute phone consultation or to schedule your first session if you don’t have any other questions for me. I look forward to working with you!