An online event featuring 22 Conscious Parenting Leaders bringing you expert advice from all different perspectives about how to not only live with technology but to thrive and to help your family thrive as well!

There is no denying it – technology is here to stay.
As parents, learning how to live with technology can be a daunting prospect. Being parents and raising “digital natives” comes with its own set of challenges, as we are the first generation to face this new frontier. At this point we all realize that we cannot just smash the screens with a hammer. Rather, we must learn how to live with technology and teach our children how to do the same.

We hear complaints from parents about their children’s screen time, from children about their parents’ screen time and from husbands and wives about their spouse’s screen time. No one is immune. So what can we do?



This summit includes:

– Dr. Dan Siegel – Having a YES brain when it comes to technology

– Deb Blum – How to understand and talk to our boys about video games, YouTube and their phones

– Louise Clarke – Establishing our own technology boundaries to empower our children

– Andrew Dunn – Technology in our homes, from a digital native

– Dr. Devorah Heitner – Moving from monitor to mentor with our children

– Tia Fagan – Dealing with our fear surrounding technology

– Maria Sanders – Building a positive structure around technology with young children

– Janet Philbin – How we can use bottom-up technology to our advantage

– Cara Pollard – Why we should NOT use technology as a reward or punishment

– DeeDee Fanning – Using the power of questions to navigate technology with our children

– Kiran Gaind – Establishing a culture of C.A.R.E. around technology

– Amanda Votto – 5 mindful approaches parents can take to navigate technology

– Aarti Kaushal Chauhan – How to harness the power of technology to support special needs children

– Shannon Walsh – Bringing the public and private self into alignment

– Aaron Schiller – Normalizing and navigating technology and trust

– Isabelle Stephenson – Viewing technology as a tool

– Linda Yeazel – Understanding ourselves better to navigate technology

– Shenaaz Moos – Creating healthy technology boundaries for our children

– Sheryl Stoller – Looking at technology through our child’s eyes

– Dr. Tiffanie Noonan – Integrating technology into our families in a healthy way

– Dr. George and Seth Thompson – Using technology to create and connect with our children

– Dr. Shefali – Consciously navigating technology in our families