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COVID and all the many events of 2020 certainly added unexpected challenges to our lives, and though you cannot control these challenges, you CAN control the way you respond to those challenges.

The transition back to school has been vastly different than any precious school year for parents and students as we all face a strange, new world. Remote, hybrid or in-person learning, PPE and all the changes that come along with it make thriving in this school year a difficult (though not impossible) task.

Certified Parent Coach, Author, Mom and Podcast Host Erin Taylor has created this FREE course called Surviving This School Year: Parenting Through this Strange, New World. With easy, actionable ideas, tips and techniques, she will show you how to help your child not only survive this school year, but to thrive.

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I have coached many parents through this whirlwind of a year, and listened to their stories and their struggles and out of that deep listening came the inspiration for this FREE course. They shared with me where they and their children are struggling the most and in what areas they need the most help.

In this free course, I will help you to:

– Discover a framework for creating more peace in your home and not only helping your kids to survive this school year, but to thrive. This is going to immediately help you get a handle on the back-to-school transition. Once you get this down, you’ll start experiencing more peace and less stress.

– Learn the #1 thing you MUST master if you want to see situations differently and manage your own triggers

– Get the complete blueprint to understanding your child and yourself better

– Better understand, communicate and connect with your child

This course is self-paced, meaning you can binge it all in one sitting, or learn it in chunks, depending on what works for you. And it is totally FREE, as my gift to you during this challenging time.