Speaking for Corporations and Businesses

Today’s employees work really hard, juggling many demands in our ever-changing and fast-paced world.

The most fortunate employees work for companies that support the ENTIRE employee, not just the part who shows up for work each day. A stressed-out employee is not one who is currently able to bring 100% of themselves to their job. The cost to the employer of a burned-out employee is incalculable between sick time, workplace disputes, job dissatisfaction, decreased productivity and increased turnover.

I bring workshops to the workplace (both in-person and virtually) that help employees to reduce stress and overwhelm, feel supported by their company, begin or increase self-care practices, increase clarity and focus in their responsibilities, improve communication in the workplace and be more productive and creative. The benefit to a company of a well-supported employee is also incalculable between increased employee retention, more harmonious staff relationships and increased productivity.

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Workshops for Parents & Inservices for Teachers

I provide workshops for parents and inservices for school staff. These are customized based on the particular needs of the group. Possible topics include but are not limited to: screen time, conscious parenting, reducing yelling, mindfulness, self-care, motivation, gratitude, etc. Reach out to me for more information.

For Parents: Conscious Parenting

There are a variety of ways that I can help parents to create a deeper connection with their child. In addition to individual or couples coaching, I also offer an in-depth course on conscious parenting where you will learn how to create a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with your child. Based on the work of Dr. Shefali, author of “The Conscious Parent,” Oprah Winfrey’s favorite parenting expert, and a dear friend of mine, this intimate workshop is delivered once a week for 90 minutes for a total of four weeks.

In this 4-week course, I help parents understand how and why their children push their buttons, and how they can respond in a way that brings them closer to their children over time rather than pushing them away when a conflict occurs.

For Teachers: Mindfulness in the Classroom Inservice

The mindfulness program I provide for teachers focuses on dealing with stress and the importance of self care. The most effective structure I have found for this inservice is to break it into two parts — the first, introductory section for teachers and/or school administrators, and then another one a week or two later after they have had time to practice new exercises and strategies that were learned in the first section.

During this experiential inservice, we first explore the effects of stress on teachers, followed by the importance of mindfulness and self care. I offer — and then we practice — examples of how teachers can bring mindfulness practices into their lives — both inside and outside of the classroom as well as exercises and techniques to teach to their students.

The goals of this inservice are to help teachers feel fulfilled, reduce stress among both teachers and students, help teachers to bring the best of themselves to the classroom, and develop healthy, productive relationships with the students in their class!

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