In addition to parent coaching, I also co-own a company called Building Connected Communities. This is a global hub of conscious professionals who speak, educate, coach and counsel to create a new world and future for us all.

business coachingAs a business coach, I help entrepreneurs get clear on their ideal client, the message they want to bring to that client and how they want to deliver that message. I help my clients get clear on their vision and goals. We work on things like branding, marketing, self-confidence and overcoming fears and obstacles. I help them wade through the endless distraction that surrounds us to find and focus on the thing that makes them come alive. Through an accountability process, I help my clients set goals and then reach for and achieve them.

Sometimes my clients need help figuring out the kind of impact they want to make.

Other times they need help figuring out how to make that impact.

And other times they need help utilizing tools like social media to share their message.

Wherever you are in your business, I would love to help you.

Business coaching includes:

– Weekly or bi-weekly 60 minute sessions
– Additional resources shared as needed
– Unlimited email access
– Purchase options are flexible to meet your needs

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Here’s what entrepreneurs are saying about working with Erin:

When I began working with Erin, I was so scattered. I had a million things on my plate in my business and I didn’t know which way to turn. Nothing was going the way I wanted. I was frustrated, spinning my wheels and not making the impact that I wanted. Erin helped me to sort through all the clutter and distraction in my own mind and in my To Do List. She helped me to achieve laser focus. As a result, I work just as hard but I serve more clients and my income has increased dramatically.

~ Sarah T.

I knew what I wanted to do, but I had no idea where to even begin. I had never run my own business before and didn’t know where to start. Erin helped me launch my business and dive in. I am so much happier now than I was in my old corporate job!

~ Melissa S.

I have enjoyed being a coach for many years, but was still operating in “the dark ages.” I didn’t accept credit cards and had only a basic website. I knew nothing about social media. Erin brought me into this century and now I accept credit cards, have a robust website, use an online scheduler and have a strong presence on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I even have my own thriving podcast now! And I have Erin to thank for all of that progress in my business!

~ Shannon M.