parent coachI am an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four amazing children. And I am joyful beyond measure, but it wasn’t always like this.

Lessons & Challenges of Early Motherhood

I spun my wheels for many years as a young parent, feeling more stress than joy, more irritability than peace, and more resentment than contentment. This was incredibly difficult to acknowledge, especially considering my husband and I had fertility struggles conceiving our children. Our first-born daughter died in my arms of a heart defect. This made me understand deeply what a blessing being a parent is and what a gift children are, and yet I still was not happy, content, or relaxed.

During this time, I worked part-time as a family therapist while my three living children were young. In addition, I also ran a charity that my husband and I created in honor of our deceased daughter. Add to that that I volunteered at my children’s school parties and functions. And I coached their soccer teams. Then I went back to school to become a parent coach. I trained for two half-marathons. And launched two new businesses. Finding balance did not come easy. I was once named a superwoman of South Jersey, and yet I still was not happy, content or relaxed.

Parent coach in honor of Sydney

Parenting Is Hard; Parent Coaching Makes it Easier

I know parenting is supposed to be hard, but during those years as a young mother, I knew there had to be a better way of parenting that made me and my family more connected. So I began searching, and that’s when I met my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Shefali, and my life changed (my personal parenting and my work as a parent coach).

She taught me how to connect more deeply to myself and my children — how to clear out my own baggage in order to see them for exactly who they are and meet them exactly where they are. She helped me to realize it was not my kids who needed “fixing” — it was me! Once I changed myself (the only person I can change) the “parenting stuff” fell into place much more naturally. The “parenting stuff” was what I originally thought was the problem all along, but boy was I wrong!

Now, my family and I are thriving, and as a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and educator, I am passionate about helping other parents achieve what I have achieved through balance, self-care, and just the right level of support and guidance.

My parent coach clients experience massive transformation in their families, creating the types of relationships with their children they only thought was possible in their dreams. I believe that I can help change the world through my parent and family coaching, which has been my dream since I was 11 years old.

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